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AlphaCare (Rehab) Ltd

clinical management

Objective assessment Each patient will have a comprehensive assessment by a specialist consultant and an experienced multidisciplinary, team to ensure that they are suitable for the programme. This assessment results in an objective statement of the patient’s condition, which forms a baseline against which progress and outcomes are measured.

Goal focused Progress and outcomes are measured in terms of goals set together by the patient, consultant, therapists and case manager or insurance company after the initial assessment. This focus on goals that have a personal meaning for the patient, is an important psychological aspect of the management of patients: each individual is encouraged to look beyond being fit for discharge, to being fit to resume activities of their choice.

Consultant led approach Each patient is supervised by the consultant, who carried out the initial assessment, prior to joining the programme and monitors their progress through regular assessment clinics to discharge. The consultant is also available on a day-to-day basis to give specialist advice to the therapy team regarding specific patients.

Management by treatment protocol AlphaCare’s treatment protocols represent a synthesis of clinical research and practice developed from internationally recognised centres of excellence. They are constantly monitored and amended as new, improved protocols are developed.

Measurement of outcomes The need to measure outcome in musculoskeletal disorder management is not in doubt. AlphaCare will use measurement scales that are scientifically evaluated and are in routine use in clinical practice in the UK

Specialist therapy teams Each treatment programme will be supervised by a chartered therapist who is experienced in functional restoration/multidisciplinary biopsychosocial rehabilitation. Other specialist therapists will be involved as required. Service delivery will be by a multi-disciplinary team, incorporating cognitive-behavioural skills.

Treatment programme progression The remedial aims are to aid and improve mobility and balance, to relieve musculoskeletal disorder, to re-educate, to improve or develop confidence and where necessary to address cognitive and behavioural needs. Patients may then progress to more advanced programmes which aim to restore the individual to as full a recovery and function as their disability will allow.

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