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AlphaCare (Rehab) Ltd

is all about people

AlphaCare (Rehab) Ltd (“AlphaCare”) exists to provide the best possible functional restoration to those suffering from disabling pain. We do so with care and compassion and, above all, an understanding that, for those with intractable pain, life may at times seem unbearable and work impossible.

All that our patients had previously accepted without thinking is changed. They may have lost mobility. They may no longer be able to co-ordinate simple movements. Speech might be affected. They might be unable to communicate. Their social and cognitive skills may also be impaired. It can be a distressing experience, bringing with it emotional and psychological problems, experienced not only by themselves but equally as severely by their families and loved ones

We are about people. Primarily the people we care for in our Functional Restoration Centres and people who deliver the service on which our patients and their relatives rely. We also value and encourage the people who support, in so many ways, the work we are doing – the charities such as Headway, the Stroke Association, the Back Association and all those individual volunteers and supporters in the community.

Our work is about partnership. A partnership of staff, patient, relatives, friends and professional agencies, all with one common goal – to give the disabled person the opportunity to put their life back together and to live as normally as possible.

Trojans Club, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh. SO50 9HT
(T) 02380 651090 (F) 02380 651089