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AlphaCare (Rehab) Ltd

“A niche of usefulness and self respect exists for every man, however handicapped, but that niche must be found for him. To carry the process of restoration to a point short of this is to leave the cathedral without a spire.”

John Galsworthy, 1918

our philosophy

The objective of the AlphaCare’s active and focused approach to the management of musculoskeletal disorder is the fullest restoration of the pre-accident or pre-illness state of health through increase in muscular strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and cognitive improvement. AlphaCare provides education, counselling and follow up activities to maintain that condition.

The patient groups are those who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder of 13 weeks or more duration.

The target outcome is to return patients to a productive role in the community. They should be able to go back to work or run their homes efficiently without undue delay. There will, regrettably, be some whose impairment makes complete return to work impossible but our philosophy is that there is a niche for every body and by modified versions of these targets a role in the community is nonetheless attainable.

Mutual effort is the key The partnership between patients, their families and the multidisciplinary teams encourages individuals to sustain their maximum effort within the bounds of clinical safety.

Follow up programmes aim to develop groups, activities and support to help patients and their families access services and solve problems over the long term.

The aims of the programme are negotiated individually for each patient It is essential that the programme involves guided practice as well as teaching and includes a range of health care professionals working closely with patients in an multidisciplinary team to ensure an integrated programme

Early intervention results in maximum gains from the active functional restoration programme, both in physical terms and because it prevents the onset of a mentality of ‘no hope’ and of disability.

Commitment to quality AlphaCare’s team is well qualified and highly motivated to deliver a focused, holistic active functional restoration programme of uncompromising quality. Our format maximises the benefits of the group approach in harmony with the individual needs and personal wishes of the patient. At all times, we ensure that our patients are treated with respect and will benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of a unique, dynamic and dedicated musculoskeletal disorder management team.

Investment in training and good practice
The AlphaCare philosophy fully encompasses the professional Codes of Conduct and our commitment to staff training, development and research will enable our teams to keep abreast of and play an active part in new developments in the field of multidisciplinary biopsychosocial rhabilitation

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